Ritual Relief Fuzzier Peach Herodose Chews



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buy psilocybin near me. These natural chews are made with premium psilocybin distillate offering a balanced high with a clean discrete taste. Each pack comes with 4x 1000 mg psilocybin extract Fuzzier Peach chews, but still gentle on the tummy due to our exclusive formulation. Childhood nostalgia, with a way fuzzier experience. These are made for an outdoor adventure with friends, or enjoy your own path and the adventure you create.

Nootropic ingredients such as Lion’s Mane and Ashwagandha Root was added for an extra boost of brain food for positive energy, focus, and overall well being. Our Chews are rolled in organic golden sugar and citric acid for a playful flavour that will reunite you with your inner child.

We recommend starting with 1 Gummy = 1000mg then adding to enhance your experience.

Ingredients: Organic Golden Sugar | Citric Acid | Lion’s Maine 80mg | Ashwagandha Root 80mg | Psilocybin Distillate 1000mg

**Allergy Notice: Gummies contain Gelatine**

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled journey with our latest offering – the Exquisite Peach Herodose Chew! Our loyal patrons have been ardently awaiting this revelation, and we are thrilled to finally fulfill their expectations. Each chew delivers a potent dose of 1000mg of pure psilocybin extract, offering an intense yet smooth impact that’s gentle on your stomach, thanks to our uniquely crafted formula. Embrace the end of the unappealing taste of magic mushrooms and welcome a surge of nostalgia, tinged with an intriguingly fuzzier twist.……………….

Our Herodose chews are the ideal companions for your open-air escapades with friends or for forging your own unique trail. But there’s more to this delicacy – we’ve enriched our recipe with Lion’s Mane mycelium powder and Ashwagandha Root, empowering you with a bonus burst of cognitive nutrition for improved energy, enhanced focus, and augmented wellness. The pièce de résistance? These chews are delicately dusted with organic golden sugar and citric acid, ensuring a playful and enticing flavor that rekindles the youthful spirit within you..................................


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